Prague Regional Junior Championships 2017, 1st Place


The regional junior championships took place in a club, where I started playing tennis as a little girl. It is a sentimental place for me and I really wanted to do well there. I received a Wild Card to the Main Draw, because I did not have any junior ranking as I did not compete in any junior tournaments during the prior year. My first round match was quite quick, I won 6:0, 6:0. My second round match I won by a similar score, 6:0, 6:1. My quarterfinal match was very important to me as I had the opportunity to qualify to "Pardubicka Juniorka", National Junior Championships. I played fearless and beat V.Pastikova 6:0, 6:0. I qualified! The tournament was far from over for me though. I played the second seed in the semifinals. I stayed focused and hungry to win and won 6:2,6:1. In the Championship round I competed against my club teammate, Sarka Richterova and although I lost the second set, I was able to regroup and win 6:4, 4:6 and 6:2. I am the reigning Prague Junior Champion!