My dream is to compete and win Wimbledon

"You cannot give up in any match. Not even in a match, in which you are about to lose!."

Jaromír Jágr Czech Hockey legend

What they said about me

Mirko LekićMethodologist of Czech Tennis Federation, Author of multiple renowned Tennis publications, Inventor of "ESIK"(Equipment to help perfect your service technique), Coach of Andrea Strnadova (Two times junior Wimbledon winner)

"Katerina's father Radovan brought her to me when she was seven years old, with one request, "Katerina will have a one-handed backhand." I agreed, although I had one condition, that we will not rush anything. I wanted to properly develop and perfect her technique to enable her to be an all court tennis player. I would never agree to teach her a one-handed backhand if I had not recognized Katerina's talent "soft hands", great agility, and her passion for tennis. Her one-handed backhand is becoming her biggest strength which will help her to win the three Wimbleton championships I promised her when she was a little girl."

Ales KodatNicole Vaidisova Head Coach, former Czech Republic Fed Cup Captain

"I met Katerina when she was about 10 years old playing on the UST Junior circuit in the United States. Since our first tennis and fitness practice I recognized her passion for sports and tennis in particular. She is an extremely hard working and determined young lady. Katerina is a go-getter who loves to compete and will do anything it takes to make her dreams come true. However, under her competitive persona you can find a very pleasant, nice and outgoing young lady. I believe her technical-tactical maturity, and extremely professional and responsible demeanour on and off the court, will help her to fulfill all the goals she has set for herself. It is always a pleasure for me to be able to work with Katerina and see all the tremendous progress she is making. Whenever our paths cross, I wish her the best of luck!"

Jaroslav JandusI.ČLTK Praha Head Tennis Coach, former Czech Rep. Fed Cup Coach,  Z. Diyas and D. Bedanova Head Coach

"I have known Katerina from her early Pee Wee years. She is an extremely determined, hard working player with a strong work ethic. Her stroke foundation and technique are very well developed, enabling her to execute an effective all-around court tennis game. Her one-handed backhand proves to be a big weapon for her. In the last few years she has consistently made tremendous progress. She is very gifted and has huge potential, which I believe she will use to become a prominent player on the WTA tour."

My dream is to win Wimbledon

Ever since I was seven years old, every day (almost every ☺ ), every week, year by year, until today when I am eighteen years old, I do my best to move closer to my dream. I have been playing tennis for more than ten years now, and I am passionate about the sport. I love tennis, and cannot imagine a better way to spend my past ten years. I am willing to do anything it takes to have the opportunity to play on the Professional Tour and compete against the best tennis players in the world.

I am incredibly thankful to my parents who are my driving force mentally as well as financially. I have not had the financial support of any tennis clubs, State Grants, nor sponsors. My parents have been my sole financial source.

I have now reached a point where I can no longer continue without outside financial assistance. In order to obtain a WTA Professional ranking I only need one more point. I believe I will obtain that one point very soon. To be able to achieve a higher ranking, and eventually be able to play the Qualification Round at Wimbledon, I will be required to travel to many tournaments. Therefore, I am asking you for financial support which will help me to achieve my goal.  

All financial contributions will be used towards the expenses associated with my preparation and travel to the WTA and ITF Tournaments.

I will be happy to discuss the detailed budget with you. For your contributions I will place any of your personal and company advertisements and banners on my website, wear clothing with your logo, participate in any Exhibition matches, and consider other suggestions or proposals you may have.

Thank you very much for your consideration, and I greatly appreciate your financial support.