Beginnings & My Team

Mirko Lekić

I started playing tennis when I was five years old under the supervision of my father Radovan Filip, and Mirko Lekic. I trained with Coach Lekic, a highly respected Czechoslovakian tennis expert, on a regular basis until I was eleven years old. I then began training in Bradenton, Florida every winter. I owe a big Thank You to Coach Lekic primarily for developing my one-handed backhand.


Pavel Slozil

 I often trained with Pavel Slozil in Naples, Florida. Pavel's practices were high paced and a lot of fun, and I have not found a better rhythm with a hitting partner. I enjoyed Pavel's "Thursday" Exhibition matches against other legends and veterans of tennis. Watching them play was a big inspiration for me.  

Ales Kodat

Ales Kodat has played a significant role in my tennis growth. He has shared so much important advice with my team (me and my Dad), helping me to perfect my technique and enabling me to train at his Academy.

During my training sessions at my Home Club "I.CLTK Praha" I work with Jiri Hrebec and Jaroslav Jandus. 

Meeting Nick Bollettieri

I had the opportunity to meet Nick on multiple occasions as we lived near to each other in Bradenton. I met him for the first time when he was invited to an Exhibition Match hosted at the Club where I trained. I was ten years old and just beginning to really get into tennis, so meeting such a Tennis Legend was an incredible experience for me. I was pleasantly surprised how nice and friendly he was, asking me all sorts of questions about my tennis game.

I met Nick for the second time after I approached him on the golf course, which belongs to IMG Academy. He suggested he would like to check out my tennis game and invited me to join him at IMG Academy the next day. I remember playing on "his" indoor court, while he observed all of my strokes, and being very nervous because I really wanted to impress Nick with my game. He asked me who my Coach is, and my Dad pointed at my sister Monika back then. Nick immediately asked if she wanted a job as a travelling coach at the Academy !

I met Nick several times afterwards; at his Academy, on the golf course, and during tennis tournaments in Florida. He has always been extremely friendly and motivating to me. I have so much respect and admiration for him, and for all he has done and contributed to tennis. 

A Week with Thomas Högstedt

Meeting Thomas was a big coincidence, but I also believe it was destiny as it helped me realize what it takes to become a professional athlete. A coaching legend in the field of Women's Tennis, Thomas gave me memorable advice that I still use today. He also helped me with my fitness and Strength and Conditioning plan. I admire his dedication to tennis and the fact that he can motivate a player to perform to his/her maximum potential. I was able to spend only a short period of time with him, but it has been a big confidence booster for my professional tennis future.

Thanks Thomas!


Tournaments in USA

During my Junior years I competed against some of the best Junior Tennis Players in Florida in high level USTA Tournaments. At the IMG Academy, one of the most acclaimed tennis Academies in the world, I won trophies for first and second place. I won several other USTA tournaments in Florida. The "Tennis Recruit Network" has classified me as a 5-star recruit and ranked me among the top 25 most desirable college recruits in the United States. I have been contacted by several universities such as Texas A&M University, UC Santa Barbara, and University of Virginia...

Moreover, I competed in the prestigious Orange Bowl Tournament in Miami, getting through the qualification rounds into the Main Draw, where I played against the best Juniors in the world.  


Representing Sweden

In Sweden, I train at the HTK Helsingborg Club, where I look forward to my practice sessions. This is a wonderful club where they always go out of their way to welcome me. 

In my younger years I competed in the most prestigious Junior Swedish Tournament "Kalle Anka". Björn Borg, Stefan Edberg, and Mats Wilander are among the famous players who have won this tournament. Every time I competed in this tournament, I won the Sectionals and qualified to the Regional Championships.

In 2016, as a Junior player, I won an elite National Women's Tournament "Sommartour" in Ystad.

I hope my dream of representing Sweden in the Fed Cup will come true for me one day soon!

Pardubicka juniorka

Third Place in the Czech Republic National Junior Championships 

I won the Prague Regional Championship in May 2017 and consequently made it all the way to the Semi Finals of the National Junior Championships. The Pardubicka Juniorka is a renowned Junior Tournament previously won by players such as Martina Navratilova, Ivan Lendl, Petra Korda, Petra Kvitova, and Jana Novotna



I started playing on the Professional Tennis Tour when I was fifteen years old. I managed to accumulate seven WTA points in 2017. To activate my World Singles Ranking I must accumulate only one more WTA point! In January 2018 on 25K tournament in American Saddlebrook I win the qualifying and made last step to get my professional WTA ranking !