$25,000 Wesley Chapel, USA


From qualification to main competition! At the tournament in Wesley Chapel at Sadlebrook I was the first alternative, who did not get into the qualifying draw. It was bad luck, but we decided that we will go there next day anyways. Lucky decision! I got in and I took the place of the second seed girl. I was going to play the third round of matched, which was supposed to begin around noon, but I started much later. I came first but I left last. I was playing against the WC I. Robbiani (PAR). Later I found out that she's playing at the academy where the tournament was. First game I was nervous and we were fighting over every single point. Finally I held my serve and I was winning the next games. My opponent was a defensive player so she was running well and hit almost no winners. I won 6:1,6:4. Second round I was playing against another WC M. Rukosuev (USA). She was tall with good serve and aggressive game. In the first set she made lots of mistakes, but in the second set she was playing much better. I won 6:0,6:4. Final round of qualifying I was playing against Y. Chiang (USA), wta ranking of #480. It was an important match for me because I needed the last point for my ranking. We played long match with lots of good points. I finally won 6:3,4:6,6:3. I secured my last point towards becoming ranked!

First round of main draw I was playing with F. Di Lorenzo (USA) #258, the future winner of the tournament. It was a very good match, especially in the first set. I was already a little bit tired from playing three difficult rounds of quails and the long car rides in the morning to get to the tournament. I ended up losing 3:6,1:6, but It was a great and important tournament for me. Finally I got the WTA ranking of #1017!!